Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Smashing and ripping.

Now, do try to keep up!....

The boat is due to have the following;

New ceiling. The current one is slightly sagging in places, bit worrying really...especially the bit over the bed. The new one's going to incorporate some lovely new insulation, kiss good bye to the 'orrible old rockwool (one of mans less pleasant inventions in my book)!

New lighting and a thorough re - wiring. We currently have wires in the shower (genius non)? And wires hanging out of areas where wires shouldnt be. The engine room wiring looks particulary sweet, more akin to a London tube map, the amazing thing is it all works(ish).

Big new water tank. The current one allows for approx 2 showers, 3 washings -up and that's about it. So every other day we are having to fill up the water tank , which is under the bed (genius again non)?
The new one will hold ALOT more water, which means less hassle for us. No having to tussle with tangled up hosepipes on cold dark nights, usually when you get home needing a hot shower, to discover there is no water left OR when the water runs out half way though a shower with shampoo in your hair. Now THAT is annoying! (Not for me, luke)

New Plumbing throughout. To make way for the spanking new water system and our shiny new bathroom (more of this in later posts).

New bedroom floor. The one we have is lovely, old floor boards but, has been damaged by diesel recently and like the ceiling is also sagging in places. Over the last six months it seems to have developed several trap doors and small compartments, oh how useful!

Electric sockets. Woo hoo! I know, i know, everyone calm down. Now when we say this we mean proper 240v sockets, like wot proper houses have. We will be able to charge phones, laptops, anything...we will join the 21st century basically.

That is the most basic of lists, just a little taster really, so you can see how far the wedding cheques are going. I know, we were very impressed too!

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