Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Nearly there...

Poor old boat in the yard - but being very well looked after by the boat yard. ...Who also happen to do a very good line in massive peices of cake to take comfort in, after what can be slightly traumatic viewings of the boat!

and a bit more falls off...

So. The floor is sorted. Now for the ceiling and the new lights. But guess what? Down came the ceiling - oh! and down came the wall too. Bugger.(It is that bit missing near the port hole.) The builder of this boat, who I would LOVE to have a little chat with, decided to glue the ceiling in instead of using old fashioned screws.

What lies beneath!..

Ta dah! No not a new patio for the boat but our new ballast..( it keeps the boat from sitting at a tilt in the water.) We started the floor with the intention of a couple of new boards, but oh no. Lifting the lid is a dangerous thing. The boatyard boys discovered we had an extra 'floor' under the horrible rotten floorboards. So a bit of cutting and welding later and the rogue steel gone, new struts put in... and we've gained an inch or so more head room. Every little counts!