Tuesday, 7 July 2009

New hobby

I have discovered the joys of Brasso! It is amazing! I am going to Brasso anything I can find from now on. I have done all the copper pipes that run the length of the boat and the coal bucket. Next the portholes. Give me a couple of rags and a pot of polish anyday.

slowly getting there

Finally covered up the poo- brown paintwork - 32 coats of paint later....
Now look.

Trying to creep away and hide from the strict itinery of work I have laid out for you, Luke Watkins, will not work.

Not a chance in hell Sunshine.

hey pea brain!

Try not to let any Italians loose with a paint brush. x

hey! Nice boat!

Some of the locals.
Excessive hot weather, paint fumes and wood filler in the lungs. Just what you need on a day off from work. The development of paint- roller biceps also good.

some not so lazy sunday afternoons

Now for the fun bit. Painting. And painting and sanding and painting. And then a bit more.

la salle de bain

The best bath ( hiding under the sheet) in the world is soon to be plumbed in! Whether we can actually fill it or not is another matter.

Look! a room!

And as if by magic a bedroom appears! New walls and ceiling put in - fancy lights in the ceiling and all! Doesn't it look.............well, wooden! The engine room is now nicely concealed behind that wall at the end.

chin up Watkins!

This is the back of the boat looking very sorry for itself.
And Luke feeling sorry for himself.
This will turn into the bath and bedroom. When we have a ceiling and some walls.

oh good god.

Look. No Bedroom. Or bathroom. Or floor. Or walls. Or bloody ceiling. Got to get worse before it gets better.....uggghhhhhhh.