Saturday, 5 December 2009

Our boat warming pub party at the pub.

Rather a long delay since ourlast postings , but here, courtesy of Dan (DanPrice84 we have some awesome photos of our boat.
We had a hot sunny day shining down on as as we gave the grand tour of where everyones money had gone..... Sp please follow the link to his flickr and have a look!! x

Turbo. Our latest aquisition

August bank holiday brought the arrival of Turbo the kitten. He is now a fat cat. He arrived stuffed down a fellow boaters coat one rainy night and promptly made himself at home. x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

New hobby

I have discovered the joys of Brasso! It is amazing! I am going to Brasso anything I can find from now on. I have done all the copper pipes that run the length of the boat and the coal bucket. Next the portholes. Give me a couple of rags and a pot of polish anyday.

slowly getting there

Finally covered up the poo- brown paintwork - 32 coats of paint later....
Now look.

Trying to creep away and hide from the strict itinery of work I have laid out for you, Luke Watkins, will not work.

Not a chance in hell Sunshine.

hey pea brain!

Try not to let any Italians loose with a paint brush. x

hey! Nice boat!

Some of the locals.